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Determine your budget.

determine your website budgetHow much is a website?
You'd be surprised how many times we've been asked that.

That's why it's important we discuss what kind of website you want, so we can help you answer that question. Then we apply some basic budget-building rates (below) and along with you, determine a budget that will best suit the project.  "But I just want something simple."  We hear that a lot too.  Simple. Easy.  What's simple to your own customers may not be what's simple for you, or us for that matter.  These subjective terms can be hard to pin down with a "simple" answer.  Give us an opportunity to discuss your project before we blurt out some number.

Let's all get on the same page (so to speak). We want to be sure both your and our perspectives are the same.

Not everything may seem like it really is.

Check out this example:
Are the two colors pointed out on the right the same color?  Watch when the squares are isolated. Now what do you  think?
Some things we'll need to know:
What is the goal of your website? Who is your audience?  Will your site be a brochure site - one that is made up of pages of text, graphics and photos, just like the pages of a brochure?  Will it be an eCommerce site where you'll be creating catalogs of products to sell, taking orders and payments, emailing out receipts automatically, and producing sales reports?  Big differences!

What else do you want your site to do?  What materials do you currently have and what more will you need?  All these effect your project budget. It also helps to know what you plan on investing in a website.  Then we can then determine which options would work for you.

how much is a website?Our approach to your project:
We first start with a Free 30 Minute Consultation, by appointment, here in our store.  That's how we'll be able to determine what your needs will be. We'll talk with you about your website project and offer up how we can help you achieve your goals.

We consider how the site will become part of your business. We'll build a website that fits your business, automating as little or as much as you want, freeing up your time to do the things you want or need to do.  We'll even manage your website for you, making changes when you need them - many times free of charge when hosted with us.  We can also train you or others to manage the site in our How-To Workshops.

Check out the rates (below) we use to determine your budget.
Just click each to learn more. . .

FREE 30 Minute Consultation

Schedule your FREE consultation at our Store during normal hours 8:30-5:30 Monday-Friday.  Come with your ideas, the materials you have as content, and perhaps some examples of the look or functionality you are after - basically all the things you need to "show and tell" us what you want.

From there, we'll be able to get an idea of what kind of site you are looking for and how much time we'll need to spend building your website using your content as well as creating content of our own so your site gets built to your specifications.

$75 per hour

We use this rate for most all our web work. This might be writing content our clients did not provide for us or creating special graphics, photo edits, databases, or just about anything else that needs to be done to produce your project.

We also use this rate for what we call "ad hoc" work, or miscellaneous work that clients ask us to do for them from time to time: things like adding content, creating additional pages, making design adjustments to an existing website or assisting them with special requests like search engine optimization or marketing their site online.

$150 budget per web page

This is a tricky one, therefore used only as a budget rule!

Most professional and successful websites are a minimum of 3 pages (see Starter Site below) but some sites could consist of hundreds of pages!  Obviously we can't justify you spending $150/page for a large, multi-page brochure website.  When we reach high page counts, we generally shift into a database driven or content management system (CMS), which can create unlimited numbers of pages dynamically based on your visitors' clicks and your content.  That means each individual page does not have to be designed and built as it would for a simple brochure site.  Instead, we use the power behind the scenes: databases, programming, scripts and CMS to generate seemingly unlimited pages. Don't worry, we can explain the differences to you and help you decide which will work best for you in the long run.

None-the-less, over our years of doing this, we find the $150 per finished page is a good estimate number to use for a typical multi-page website.  If you use our $75 per hour rate (above), that works out to an average of 2 hours per page when the client provides all the page content.  Content work beyond that is estimated at our standard hourly rate.  Keep in mind as well, prices for sites less than 3 pages may be as much as a starter site since the initial (artistic) design takes just as long  As an economical option, one to two page websites can also be built in our Workshops.

$450 Starter Website

The Starter Website is up to 3 professionally designed pages from the content the client provides to us.  Keep in mind, if we have to do any extra work like scanning photo prints or typing up text from a brochure or hand-written page, our rate is $75/hr., so it is always best to provide us with content in a digital file format.  That save us time and you money in the end.

A Starter Website is generally a brochure-type site, with a Home page and 2 supporting pages like Our Products/Services, or perhaps an About Us or Contact page.  However, we can add other features like PayPal shopping buttons for a quick eCommerce solution for selling products, time permitting.  Again, our FREE 30 Minute Consultation will help determine the parts and pieces comprising your website.  You can even start small and grow the site bigger over time.  You decide!

Please note that domain name registrations are extra if we do that for you, or you can register a domain name yourself.  Hosting your website is also extra.  You may host with An Internet Store or at another hosting company.  We work with our clients in either capacity.

$750 Business Website

This website option essentially expands the Starter website to a more extensive website up to 5 pages or more, or about 10 hours of our time.  Most businesses start at this level of website when the clients have prepared their desired content for us and we are provided a clear understanding of what the clients want us to do.

$1500 (starting) Premium Website

Again, we know from experience the amount of time some projects will take us to build.  When it comes to sites that are more complex than a basic brochure site, like websites that involve eCommerce, databases or multiple forms visitors may interact with.  That's where the Premium Website starts.  We'll commit a minimum of 20 generous hours to developing your website project.  We'll discuss the particulars, again, at our FREE Consultation.

$300/yr or $30/mo Optional Hosting

Although many of our clients host with us, you may also choose to host elsewhere. We can help either way! We choose not to compete with the budget hosting companies or the huge hosting clearing houses you will find on the internet. Our pricing is $25-$30 per month per domain with name registrations $25 extra if applicable.  Email boxes are not included but can be added for an additional charge. We will provide email forwarding to your existing email addresses at no charge.

Hosting includes FREE periodic updates - tasks under 15 minutes. This FREE professional assistance works just great for quick updates, adding text, photos, or just about anything we can do for you in 15 minutes.  It is important to keep your site up-to-date, especially if you are looking for good search engine placement as well as providing your visitors with the most up to date information.

Our hosted clients seem to like just sending over site updates and having us do them for them - most times for FREE.

$90 Workshops

This is an unique approach to building your site. The Workshops are 2 hours, one-on-one sessions working with the client with extra attendees half-off. Sometimes Workshops are used when a client is still unclear on some details and we need to develop more of the plan or content. Other times clients will be intimately involved in the design process while we work on the project with them; deciding on the look, feel and function together. Some clients just like having us make changes as we go through their sites page by page.  We make the changes, they give us the thumbs up and we move on.  You see, that's why we call these workshops - we get work done.

This is many times our most economical solution for clients as it provides them with the ability to learn how to do more themselves rather than having to pay us for our hours to do it all. Workshops do however mean a commitment of time by the client and the 2 hour sessions are the only times we work on the site unless the client has us work outside the Workshops as well.

$15 per 15 minutes Pro-Assist

Sometimes all you need is a little help with a particular task. At our Internet Cafe, we offer quick fixes, one-on-one instruction, advice or opinions, graphics, photo editing, and other personal or technical assistance on a walk-in basis. We bill in 15 minute increments while helping many people who just needed a hand.

An Internet Store's Bidding Policy

Please keep this in mind, our time is valuable to our clients as well as to ourselves. That is why we do not "bid" work.  Instead, we work with our clients to develop a project budget using our standard rates (above). Even if you have an extensive Request for Proposal (RFP), you would be asking us to spend our own time to professionally evaluate your project plan, determine all the time necessary to build your project, and produce a definitive cost - essentially building the project "on paper" first and seeing if it meets the client's unknown budget expectations.  We don't operate that way. Our experience in these scenarios has been that most times a bid is won by the "lowest bidder". The cheapest is not always the best.

Over our 17 year history most all our work has been negotiated with repeat, referral clients, and those clients who are serious enough to sit down and meet with us to discuss their projects.  Our clients understand we become part of their team rather than just a pricing mechanism. They prefer our honest working relationship and our convenient brick and mortar store where they are more than welcome to come in and meet with us personally.